As in the Winter Special that is. The Fall Special was a grand success but due to price and availability of some of the ingredients we were not be able to make it to Christmas Eve. On the brighter side that means the Winter Special is here! It’s what you have been waiting for all year. The Oxtail pho is back! We will also be running a Winter Weekend Special this year. It’s absolutely delicious. It’s Short Rib Pho!



The holidays are coming!! We just want you to be informed on the holiday schedule and special closures.


We are thankful to make it another successful year with the support of all of our customers.

Starting January 1st, 2018, minimum wage again will rise resulting in overall price increases. So we’ve listened to the suggestion that we received throughout the year from you and the result is in the form of a new menu. The new menu will be consolidated from the previous menu, giving it a new look streamlining the content making it easier to read and navigate. Sad news is that some items will be removed due to low demand. There will be an added “Chefs Special” to replace the seasonal special focusing on local available ingredients to give variety to the adventurous foodie in all of us.


Every year we try to find something during the holidays that allows us to give back to the community. This year we are participating in The Shoebox Challenge brought aware to us by one of our longtime customers. So this year in collaboration with Port Ludlow Community Church we will be collecting unused toiletries, scarves, gloves, Kleenex, first aid items, flashlights, cough drops, hot chocolate envelopes, instant soup, etc. We then create ‘kits’ in shoeboxes, wrap them up, and the church will deliver the needed on Christmas Day.

So please stop by with any donations today! Pho T&N will match item for item comparably. The deadline is December 16 in order for us to get our part done on time for the church. Let’s spread a little holiday joy!