Vietnamese food is renowned all over the world for being healthy food and veggie full which led us to our Vegan dinner catering to the vegetable lovers community. The event was very successful with six different courses. It was raved to be the best $75 spent and described the experience as being magical.

Unfortunately, due to shortage in kitchen staffing we will not have a fall tasting dinner. We will resume our Tasting Dinner event in the spring of 2018.

Our first course was a Vegan Spring roll. Jicama coated with roasted rice, noodles, tofu and wrapped with lettuce, cilantro and mint in rice paper. Tofu fries dipped with Vegan Fish sauce.

Our Second course was Vegetable Three Ways: 1st  Steam Cai-Lang with Oyster Sauce, 2nd Stir-fried Water Spinach with Garlic, 3rd-Red Cabbage ceviche salad.

Our Third Course was Stuffed Eggplant with tomato sauce. A Twist on the traditional stuff tofu with tomatoes sauce. Here we are using eggplant instead of tofu, stuffed with firmed tofu, noodle, wood-ear mushroom, garlic, shallots, green onion and seasoning served with tomatoes sauce.

Our Fourth Course was a Vegan crunchy noodle with green beans, peas, chanterelle mushroom, carrots, asparagus, onions. In this dish we use rice noodles for our crunchy noodles as the base of our bird nest, served with a mixture of vegetables stir fried on top.

Our Fifth Course was Oyster mushrooms with bok-choy and served over black bean rice. Rather than using wild rice, we used black rice with black beans giving this great texture you taste in the rice. Paired with oyster mushrooms and bok-choy in a mushroom oyster sauce.

Our Sixth Course was Sweet tofu pudding with coconut, a light and refreshing dessert to end the dinner. This dish is a childhood favorite memory we shared with all of our customers.


This fall, we are bringing you the Ultimate Crab Noodle Soup or Banh Canh Cua. Banh Canh is a thick Vietnamese noodle made from tapioca starch. It is very similar in size and shape to Udon noodle.

Banh Canh is known to be the ultimate noodle for slurping due to its texture and content. The broth is flavorful and thicker like gravy than a normal liquid broth. The Ultimate Crab Noodle soup comes with Crab meat, shrimp, pork, quail egg, straw mushroom served with the tapioca noodles in a thick gravy broth garnished with onions, cilantro, fried shallots and black pepper.

The Ultimate Crab Noodle soup will be available September 16, 2017- December 14, 2017.  With this being said, less than two more weeks until the Crunchy Noodle is gone. Order yourself one and try it before it is off the menu.


this year, we are blessed to have won two awards plus being the finalist in two different categories. With the support of our local customers, we won Best Asian Menu and Best Vegeterian Menu of 2017. We also Finalists in Best Lunch and Best Dinner categories. Since we’ve taken over our business in 2005, dinner hasn’t always been our strength but Best of North Kitsap this year told us otherwise and that our hard work has paid off.

Thank you to all of our customers and our loyal fans. Your support will continue to fuel our drive and we will continue to work hard not to disappoint you.