The Summer Special will start July 1st and run through September 15th. It will be the return of Mì Xào Giòn (the Crunchy Noodles) by the Facebook popular vote. Come try it before it’s gone!


The Vegan Tasting Dinner will be held on Sunday July 23rd @ 6PM.  Tickets will be on sale July 1st.  Be sure to get your tickets early to experience an exciting vegan and flavorful tasting dinner.


Linda’s graduation was very bittersweet as our youngest daughter and sibling finishes this long journey of hers.  She has not figured out what she wants to do for college yet but no worries, we can always work her at the restaurant until she figures  it out.


Joe is now in Oklahoma getting ready for his overdue wedding.  Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding in our July Newsletter and on Pho T&N’s social media!


As the long week of closure is approaching,  we are very excited but also very busy with last minute details. On the bright side, yay!  Our wonderful supporting staff will get a week off with their families!  We will miss you all but will be very excited to see everyone once we come back! Closure dates again are June 21st-27th. We will be back to business as usual on June 28th.  Due to this long closure, we will be open this year on July 4th with regular operating hours.


The new Washington tipping law will require us to make some changes to our daily operation.  As of July 10th, 2017, 5% of your bill before taxes will be collected and distributed to kitchen staffs.  This service charge was made and created due to the new strict tip regulation on who may or may not receive tips.  100% of the service charge will be distributed evenly to kitchen staff. Patrons are reminded that tipping is not expected on this service charge or taxes.