Joe’s wedding was a success. We had over 50 members of our family who flew in from Washington, California, Missouri, Texas, Virginia, Canada, Australia and Vietnam.

We went to Oklahoma for Joe’s wedding but were also able to utilize our time for our family reunion as well. In the Estate home that we rented, we feasted, we reminisced of old times and created new memories together.


The Vegan Tasting Dinner is scheduled for July 23rd.

Tickets sold faster than we could ever have imagined. Within days the Facebook post was shared over 20 times and reached close to five thousand people.

We are excited beyond words because we are able to share all of the delicately prepared vegan dishes from our hometown to our vegan community.

If you are going to miss out on the evening look out for pictures from Vegan Tasting Dinner in our August Newsletter.


As mentioned in our new tipping layout, the kitchen is now not included in our tip pool due to the new Washington State regulation.

The kitchen is compensated through the 5% service fee on the total of your bill before taxes. 100% of the service fee will be evenly distributed to the kitchen staff only. Servers should be tipped based on the service that they provide and that amount should exclude the kitchen.

Per regulation, we are obligated to make this decision to ensure all of our staff is fairly compensated regardless of the change.

We thank you for your understanding and support.