Our Vietnamese Street Food Dinner was a success!

Everyone who came, enjoyed every one of our dishes and wondered why these dishes are not on the menu. Our answer to that was. “If that is the case, we would never ever go home, we would then have to take over Albertson’s space and our menu would be millions of pages.”

Currently, the Tasting Dinner only happen 3-4 times a year. With enough requests, we may do some repeats of our dinners and maybe even theme up the frequency of our dinners.

More PHO T&N News

In July, we will offer our first Vegan Theme Tasting Dinner with ideas of utilizing our local farms ingredients to our tables. We are currently visiting our local farmers and learning what is in season for July hoping to write up our menu soon. If you are interested in these dinners, please subscribe to our newsletters and social media or contact us at 360-394-1601 and ask for Trinh for more info.

Spring Special — Were still running our spring special “Braised Pork Belly” until June 30th. Come in and try it before it’s gone! Unfortunately, the Oxtail Pho is still missed. We are contemplating whether or not to keep the dish on the menu year round. Let us know what you think?

Dessert — For as long as we have been in business, we were lacking a dessert menu up until last year. Unfortunately, it didn’t received the same success as the rest of our menu items therefore, due to high food waste we have to say goodbye to our Vietnamese fusion flavored Crème Brulee. With the removal of our dessert menu, we are looking into some healthier option for bubble teas coming soon to our summer menu!

Family — Our most recent family news is that Joe is getting married in June. Joe is very busy getting ready for the wedding and it’s the reason for why you might have missed him from your few visits in the restaurant. As for Thai, our younger brother, has decided to move to New York to finish his Culinary Career at the Institute Culinary of Education (ICE). We are very excited for his move and hope that once he is finished, there will be so much more to offer at our restaurant.

Spring is here, hopefully the sun will come along soon and until the next newsletter . . . Happy Spring-roll!!!